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Bravepoint Kennel

Shade Cloths

Shade Cloths

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Shade cloths - SOLD OUT for 2023

Our 2024 inventory will be arriving early in the new year. Send us a note if you are interested in group rates.

The 85% shading factor and maximum cooling ability of shade cloth  makes this the perfect solution for keeping both your car and dog's cool.

Our Shade cloth is made to reflect the sun’s light (Using a mirror affect). Our special shades are made from aluminized fabric.

This fabric we are using for our shade solutions will deflect light and heat of the sun, keeping everyone cool.

These products are not meant to be used with tent poles or pulled tied tight to trees etc. The fabric is light to allow air and not sun, to pass through and not strong enough for this purpose. Use tent or tarp type material instead.  

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