Current color chart

We have low inventory of Sea Green, Red and Lime Green. Pink is no longer available. It is twice as expensive to purchase and we could not justify charging double for pink and lime green.

Introducing - Lobster Rope Swings

This unique product is made here in Smiths Falls ON, from real Lobster fishing rope. It is very strong and will stand up to the elements. Never out of stock and available in any of our bright colours. You can choose one colour for swing and ropes or a different colour for each.
The seat of the swing is approximately 24" by 10" and is made of new polypropylene rope. It is strong enough to hold children of all ages as
well as adults, but the seat is designed for kids.

Simply hang it from a tree branch, swing set or porch beam. We also
recommend using sturdy S-hooks and eye bolts from your local hardware
store (not included) or simply tie them to your structure. More info here;

Lobster Rope Swings