Due to the high cost of shipping to the USA, we will only be shipping bulk orders to the USA.

  • 7' x 7'

    This is our smallest size and ideal for draping over your dog's cage while attending events and trials.

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  • 7' x 12'

    Our most popular size as it has multiple uses. It covers about half your car, van or SUV and can also be used with your pop up shade tent.

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  • 10' x 14'

    This size covers almost all cars, vans and SUV's and generally does not need to be adjusted as the sun moves during the day.

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  • High powered magnets

    Very strong rare earth magnets. These are rated at 50lbs. While you can find cheaper, anything less than 35lbs will slip and slide on your car possibly causing damage.

    Magnets ship for free ONLY when ordered with shade cloths. Use code FREESHIP.

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  • 20' x 14'

    Certainly the largest size and very popular amongst those doing
    "protection dog" sports, where you usually work out of your car all day.

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  • Dodge Caravan

    This is a Dodge Caravan with a 7' x 12' shade cloth