MIM Safe VarioBarrier HR

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The new VarioBarrier HR 52114 meets the same Government Automotive Safety Crash Test Standards as all the Universal VarioBarrier product line. However, the Crash Tested VarioBarrier HR 52114 is mounted to the headrests of your 2nd row seats.

The VarioBarrier HR is designed for small to medium size Station Wagons and SUV’s. For larger vehicles, you may want to look at the Medium & large Crash Tested VarioBarrier products we offer.

  • Protective universal cargo barrier for passenger safety
  • Successfully tested to the level of ISO 27955 crash test norm
  • Protects occupants from loose items in the luggage area during a sudden or abrupt stop
  • Keep pets from distracting the driver or becoming a projectile in an accident
  • Fits most car models with adjustable round steel head rest posts
  • Easy to install / no additional tools needed
  • No alterations to the car needed for installation
  • Adjustable height and width
  • A: Minimum 230mm, maximum 305mm (placed 50mm above the rear seats and 50mm under the ceiling, gives cover up til 415mm)
  • B: Minimum 770mm, maximum 1465mm (leave space for the side airbag curtains)
  • Weight 4.5kg
  • Easy to move from one car to the next
  • Design and Production in Sweden

The new VarioBarrier HR 52114. The dimensions of the new Crash Tested Variocage 00362 Double L + are as follows:

Part Number Description Weight Width (In.) Height (In.)
52114 VarioBarrier HR 4.5 kg / 9.92 lbs 30.30 – 57.70 9.30 to 12.25

VarioBarrier headrest Dimensions

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