The only Crash Tested universal cargo barrier in the world

Crash tested according to ISO 27955.

Designed for the safety of passengers traveling in an SUV, Station Wagon or Van. Keeps pets from distracting the driver or becoming a projectile in an accident. Protects occupants from loose items in the cargo area during a sudden or abrupt stop.

Fits most vehicles with a flat floor and anchor points. Easy to install / No additional tools needed. No alterations to the car required for installation.

Adjustable height and width. Easy to move from one car to the next. Designed and produced in Sweden

Comes in three models, Small, Medium and Large

MIM Safe VarioBarrier is part of a system that is integrated and interacts optimally with the built-in crash protection engineering of modern day vehicles.

MIM Safe VarioBarrier provides the best transport safety without any damage to your car when installed and features a universal design that is adjustable and adaptable to fit most vehicles.

MIM Safe VarioBarrier has been tested & approved by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden using Crash Standard ISO 27955 to assure the safety of all vehicle occupants.

MIM Safe VarioBarrier is a superior quality system that meets or exceeds European vehicle specific car brand barriers with the added advantage that in most cases, it is possible to install in almost any future vehicle you may own because of it’s adjustable structure and design.

MIM Safe VarioBarrier covers most cars on the market with three models available to choose from.

Your car needs to be equipped with load anchors and have a flat floor to place the MIM Safe VarioBarrier.



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