Did we get your attention. By the way, everyone survived this accident including the dog on the right

MIM Construction AB has been working in automotive crash safety since 1986. Our MIM Safe Variocage – an automobile dog crate – has been stringently tested in accordance with government automotive crash safety standards in front impact, rear impact and rollover. It has been strategically engineered with the safety of everyone in mind – both people and pets. It has a proven track record of safety for well over a decade.

Testing dog crates solely for frontal impact, and not incorporating actual vehicle safety features or assessing the impact to human occupants, presents an extremely limited and false representation of real crashworthiness and safety. Proposing that vehicle cargo hooks and cargo straps alone can adequately protect passengers from heavy cargo, such as a dog crate, contradicts safety recommendations made by national automotive safety agencies and automobile manufacturers, putting families and their pets at increased risk of serious injury and loss of life.

We believe that there should be regulations for traveling with pets and standardized testing for assessing the safety of pet travel products. It is critical, however, that these regulations and standards incorporate all aspects of crash testing and work together with vehicle safety features. This is the ONLY way to help people travel safely with their pets.

Bravepoint Kennels takes the safety of pets, people, families and loved ones very seriously. We are committed to providing pet parents with real facts and genuine information so they can make an informed decision about traveling safely with their pets, family and loved ones. We are also committed to providing the best customer experience possible and always guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Please review the wealth of facts and information on our website. We love talking to fellow pet parents so please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist and answer any questions you may have. 1-800-582-7026

I visited ken steepe of mccann dogs last fall, this was the video interview

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