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Care² is a safe and very practical portable dog cage that offers a safe place for your pet when traveling. With its unique shape and design, you get a well thought out crash protection in all directions if an accident after all is there. Clear attachment points indicate where to put the car’s usual safety belt when installed. Care² fits just as well in the front passenger seat as in the rear seat. With its unique design, Care² makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your pet while driving. Care² is available in two sizes, a smaller model for pets up to 5kg and a larger one for pets up to 9kg.

Care² has undergone rigours crash tests using the same method as for frontal impact testing of child seats (EcE r44) at riSE research institutes of Sweden. the patented care² is made of aluminum and splinter-resistant nylon plastic that can withstand large temperature variations without compromising strength. the sloping construction done is to improve the cage’s impact characteristics and reduces the risk of damage in a collision. two doors made of reinforced plastic, practical and comfortable carrying handle and built-in thermometer with graduation in booth celsius and fahrenheit.


Recommended area of use

Mimsafe care²’ are designed for use in vehicle’s passenger or back seat and secured by the seatbelt. However, mimsafe care² can also in some case be placed in the vehicle’s cargo area, if that is the intention  make sure that the cage does not interfere with the vehicle’s deformation zone. (recommended distance between cage and the car’s boot lid is 250-300mm)


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SKU Size Color Max. Dog Weight Depth Width Height
55121 medium yellow 11 lbs 18.9 in. 14.6 in. 16.1 in.
55122 medium grey 11 lbs 18.9 in. 14.6 in. 16.1 in.
55131 large yellow 20 lbs 18.9 in. 17.3 in. 16.1 in.
55132 large grey 20 lbs 18.9 in. 17.3 in. 16.1 in.


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